Where in the world are you?

Yesterday on Facebook I did a roll call to find out where everyone was from.  I posted a world map and 84 people chimed in!

And of those 84, 7 were from Australia!  I think there must be something in the water over there!

Here is a breakdown of where our wired folks live internationally:

Taiwan, Kuwait, United Kingdom, Sweden, New Zealand, Australia, Canada, The Netherlands, Ireland and Germany

Quite a representation from the U.S.:

Colorado, Pennsylvania, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa, Florida, New York, Georgia, Texas, Alaska, Kentucky, Ohio, Washington, Alabama, Maine, Maryland, Arizona, Oregon, South Carolina, Virginia, Nebraska, Tennessee, Mississippi, Oklahoma, New Jersey, Massachusetts, California and Illinois.

Realistically I could say with almost 95% accuracy, we have wired folks in every state in the union.

I am not sure anyone can really grasp what these demographics mean.  To me, it’s amazing that something I started ten years ago, has morphed into an international community.  I never, ever imagined it would.  What started as a meeting between a handful of women has now become in my mind anyway, the only organization on the planet, dedicated to supporting women with implanted cardiac devices.  WIRED4LIFE is worldwide!  It’s mind boggling if you think about it.


But as large as this world is, we still manage to find a quiet little cubbyhole on Saturday mornings to chat amongst ourselves online. 



3 thoughts on “Where in the world are you?

  1. It truly is amazing, Dawn, and bigger than you ever dreamed while , as you said, a circle of hearts knit together in friendship, prayer, and connection through our shared experience. I hope it makes your heart happy and humbled by the awe of it all!
    A beautiful testimony to stepping out when you see a need, and trusting the outcome to God . So glad you did:)
    Love you


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